Investment Philosophy

At WealthTrust Advisors, we believe that managing risk is just as important as seeking return. As a result, we add value through our disciplined investment process, which looks for low cost and high quality investments to build diversified portfolios.

We strive to build portfolios that are customized to your goals and tolerance for risk. We use both technology and real-world experience to help determine optimal investment allocations through our committee process.

We adhere to principles in modern portfolio theory and advocate long-term investing.

Asset Allocation

- Macro Economic Analysis
- Strategic Asset Allocation
- Investment Type
- Security Selection

We Diversify Assets Across

- Large Cap Stocks
- International Stocks
- Small Cap Stocks
- Tax-Free Fixed Income
- Taxable Fixed Income
- Alternative Assets

Investment Types

- Exchange Traded Funds
- Institutional No-Load Funds
- Managed Bond Accounts
- Managed Stock Accounts

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Legal & Privacy

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